Marketing 101. Be Different

Marketing 101: “Doing the same Jobs the Exact same way our Poor Parents did will make us Poor”.

Keeping hope alive is the only option for the majority of us that didn’t see the silver spoon but are striving so hard to make it possible for the next of our blood to lick shining ones.

It is even harder for us to be in this part of the cut-throat jungle where getting employment after breaking the odds and draining the purse of our poor parents to gain higher education in hopes of getting at least a better living is as deceiving as a mirage to a dying desert traveller.

Entrepreneurship is well advised. But if we do the same things as our poor parents we will only perpetuate our pitiable plights.

You wish to sell Buff-loafs? Fantastic congratulations! you want to sell bread, kenkey, waakye, touzafi or yake yake as a graduate with a degree? Cool.

But we were sent to school to learn to do things differently, to innovate, innovate and to innovate again. The only way we can sell boflots and sustain our families is only if we do it differently. Waakyeonwheels, A1 CAKE BREAD, Preciousmarble, @Bread Boutique, Adinkra pie, Giddinsfashion Shoes, Special Norte Sobolo, Horseman Shoes are all famous today because they added value to everyday businesses.

So instead of me saying oh wow nice congratulations you are selling boflots, I would say, Nana Akua Amankwa

1. Take the boflot out of the usual “sieve” and change the round ancient design of the product it’s not appealing anymore.

2. Add different flavours or even make it less oily (now there is tuna bread, milk bread, banana bread etc) you can do same to your boflots.

3. Get a beautifully branded package. Instead of using “ice water rubber” to serve customers you can get a branded paper bag, take the peanut or the ground nut out of the “butter rubber” repackage it.

4. Create social media pages and your friends will sell you.

5. Get 2 or 3 other girls, dress them nicely let them go sell at different places and pay them.

6. Sell at big events in your branded containers and bags, take orders for weddings, parties, drink ups etc

7. Create a craze, a rave around boflots you will be called for many television and radio interviews, associate boflots with special days like boflot Fridays or events like wedding engagements or with lunchtime or something you can eat at your desk if you are too busy to go out for lunch break etc.

8. Let your targets know how hygienic you prepare your boflots and they will flock to you.

9. Learn about how to improve the shelf life of your boflot and if it is possible you will make millions by getting into stores and through export.

10. Be Different.

Differentiate your product, find your unique selling proposition, position your brand and watch your name go global.

Employment is slavery. Entrepreneurship is the way out.

Listen, if you are called to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street-sweeper who did his job well.

NB: Nana Akua Amankwa posted this image of herself asking for Gods guidance as she begins her new business. I only seek to give some marketing advice to make her business better. You can add yours in the comment session.